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Field Trips

To book a field trip, contact us at

McLeod Farms proudly offers schools in the surrounding area a chance to Come & See the Farm!  Our program is designed to educate elementary-aged children on how plants are grown and harvested through a hands-on experience.  We offer field trips during two seasons: Strawberry and Pumpkin.  

Each field trip includes story/educational time, a kiddy scoop of ice-cream, and a tractor-drawn wagon ride to the field to pick their own strawberry bucket or pumpkin.  As they travel to the field, their guide will educate them about other fruits and vegetables that we grow here as well as introduce them to new technology that we use on the farm!

*Interested in booking a field trip- click here!

The field trip program is ideal for ages 4 and up. The cost per child & chaperone is $8.00.  For more information or to set up a class visit, please call the office Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm at 843-335-8335.

South Carolina Academic Standards and Performance Indicators for Science covered in a McLeod Farms Field Trip:

Kindergarten: K.S.1A.1, K.L.2A.2, K.E.3A.3

1st Grade: 1.S.1A.1, 1.E.4B.1, 1.E.4B.2, 1.L.5A.2, 1.L.5B.1, 1.L.5B.E

2nd Grade: 2.S.1A.1, 2.E.2A.2

3rd Grade: 3.S.1A.1, 3.P.3A.1, 3.E.4A.3, 3.E.4B.3, 3.L.5A.1, 3.1.5A.2

4th Grade: 4.S.1A.1, 4.L.5A.1, 4.L.5A.2, 4.L.5B.2

5th Grade: 5.S.1A.1, 5.E.3B.3, 5.L.4B.1

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