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About Us

McLeod Farms has been family owned and operated since 1916.  We specialize in fresh peaches, strawberries, blackberries, year round produce, row crops, gift baskets, jarred products, homemade bakery items, and family fun.  We take pride in our century old farm and recognize the importance of growing high quality produce with sustainable agriculture practices.  From our farm to your table, we take pleasure in providing fresh and homemade products to those customers both locally and nationally.  We appreciate your business and loyalty to our farm, and consider our customers as part of our family

McLeod Farms History


1st Generation Hector McLeod bought 115.5 acres of land in McBee, SC for $55.


McLeod Farms harvested their 1st peach crop which ripened 2 weeks earlier than the NC crop.



Hector had a peach packing house on the Seaboard Railroad 1 mile north of McBee where he sold 2 varieties: Elbertas & Georgia Belles

He passed that year, and his 2 children Cary & John Frank stepped up to take over the harvesting & packing operation.


Cary McLeod, 2nd Generation, diversified the farm winter Winter Grazer Rye & a few other crops.  Campbell McLeod, Cary's son, purchased the "Chicken Farm" land which is now where our Hwy 151 Roadside Market sits.  It is also where our first well was dug in the mid 50's for orchard irrigation.


Cary McLeod passed away in 1961 & Campbell McLeod, 3rd Generation, took over the farm.  In 1969, Campbell discovered a mutation in the Loring orchards and appropriately named this new peach variety Cary Mac after his father.

late 1970s

Kemp McLeod, 4th Generation, graduated from Clemson University and joined his father on the farm.  In 1977, they packed 15 truckloads of peaches together.  By 1979, they increased to 60 truckloads of peaches.


Campbell and Kemp McLeod expanded our local Hwy 151 Roadside Market (several times) to include clean restrooms, a bakery, and ice cream parlor.  In 1996, the peach packing house was rebuilt.  With this new technology and the rise of UPS, we started mailing our peaches from Massachusetts to Texas to Oregon.


Campbell retired from the farm, but continued to collect vintage cars and old farm equipment.  You can view his collection at the museum located next to the Hwy 151 Roadside Market.  In the mid 2000's, McLeod Farms started to incorporate all types of produce as well as host Agritourism events.  In 2008, Campbell passed away. 


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Kemp McLeod continues to own and operate McLeod Farms. With his son, Spencer McLeod, 5th Generation, they are now incorporating new technologies emphasizing precision ag techniques, increasing berry production, and other innovations that improve the sustainability of the ag operations.  In addition, Campbell's son-in-law, James Byrd, is the row crop manager.  Together they currently operate 4000 acres of row crops, 1000 acres of peaches, 60 acres of strawberries, 15 acres of blackberries and over 40 acres of other fruits and vegetables.

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