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McBee, SC – Hwy 151
29247 Hwy 151 McBee, SC 29101

Tel:  843-335-8611​

Open Year ‘Round Daily

Monday-Thursday: 8:00-6:00

Friday-Sunday: 8:00-6:00

McBee, SC – Hwy 1
25455 Hwy 1 McBee, SC 29101

Tel: 843-335-8335 or 877-789-9252

Monday-Friday: 8:00-5:00

Florence, SC – Pee Dee State Farmers Market

2513 W. Lucas Street

Florence, SC  29501

Tel:  843-661-3747

Monday-Saturday: 8:30-5

We are delighted to have bus tours stop and shop with us!

Shop our selection of hand-picked, fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables. Enjoy a steamy cup of cider or coffee with our hot, fresh bakery treats and old-fashioned slow churned ice-cream. Browse our unique collection of gift items. Want to try something different? You can sample our jarred goods before you take them home. From Our Farmer’s Market Peaches * Watermelons * Cantaloupes * Blackberries Corn * Tomatoes * Eggplants * Cucumbers * Zucchini *Squash * Bell Peppers Jalapeno Peppers * Potatoes * Bananas * Lemons * Peanuts * Asparagus * Lettuce Snow Peas * Green Beans * Strawberries – just to name a few. ALSO AVAILABLE! Freshly Ground Peanut Butter Boiled Peanuts – prepared fresh daily!

Jarred Products

McLeod Farms offers you a taste of our freshest fruit available in our own line of jarred products. Check out our preserves, butters, ciders, pickles, dessert peach halves, peach BBQ sauce, and peach salsa. These jarred products make perfect gifts! Customers can also send a ready-made basket (choose from 9 different baskets) or a custom made gift basket anywhere in the United States. You choose the products you like, add a basket or crate, give us the shipping address, and we’ll take care of the rest!


McLeod Farms is proud to offer our own delectable baked goods made from fresh farm produce! Our most popular item is our freshly baked bread. We offer Peach Bread with almond slivers, Sweet Potato Bread with pecan topping, Apple, Strawberry, Banana Nut, and Zucchini Bread. For your traveling convenience, our freshly baked cakes are flash frozen to seal freshness and are available in German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake and Fruit Cake. You owe it to yourself to try our freshly baked Fruit Cake – possibly the best tasting fruit cake ever. May we tempt you with our delicious pies? We offer Sweet Potato, Coconut, Pecan, Apple Crumb, Peaches ‘N Cream, and Strawberry ‘N Cream pies. Our fudge is extremely popular! It’s rich, smooth, creamy and made from scratch. Our fudge comes in several flavors; rocky road, chocolate, chocolate with pecans, peanut butter and maple. If you just need a quick snack, we offer several varieties of mouth watering cookies, turnovers, cream cheese danishes, brownies with nuts or peach cobbler. When blackberries are in season, you owe it to yourself to taste our blackberry cobbler topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or sample one of our peach enchiladas made from a prize winning recipe developed for our Annual Peach Festival Recipe Contest.

Ice Cream

If you need a cool break on your way to or from Myrtle Beach, or if you just need a break from the heat, come in for some slow churned ice-cream at McLeod Farms. We sell Deluxe Brand ice-cream made in Mooresville, NC since 1924. It tastes so much like homemade ice-cream, many of our customers are convinced that we make it ourselves.

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McLeod Farms Market

29247 Hwy 151

McBee, SC 29101

Sunday-Saturday 8am-6:30pm

McLeod Farms Office

25455 Hwy 1

McBee, SC 29101

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm ET

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