Curbside Submission

Would you like us to bring your groceries to your car?  Fill out the below form, and pull up to one of our designated parking spots on your scheduled day.  Pickup times are daily between 9am-5:30pm. Order total & taxes will be calculated when you arrive.  

Fruits & Vegetables:
Cold Items:
Jarred Products/Dry Goods:
Bakery Items:

Love something in our store, but don't see it listed? 

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09:00 AM

**Final total and tax will be calculated at pickup.  Please pull up to one of our designated spots, give our market a call (843-335-8611), and we will bring your order to your car.  Curbside is available Sunday-Saturday from 9am-5:30pm.  Please submit at least one day in advance for us to prepare your order.  Arrive within 1 hour of your scheduled time.