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image description Scenes from McLeod Farms

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The McLeod Experience

The McLeod Experience is ... ALL about family.  Generations of the McLeod family who have operated this farm and business for nearly a century and including our extended family of full time, part time, and seasonal workers.  From the migrants who come in January to prune peach trees and don't leave until mid-November to the ladies and gentlemen who operate the McLeod Farms Market year round, and in between — all those young people who help out seasonally and put in thousands of hours each spring and summer.  Many of these young people may be second or third generation McLeod Farms employees. 

As the old saying goes, "many hands make light work". That may not be true for the farm life — there is no such thing as light work on a farm — but the saying does personify how important every McLeod Farms employee is to the McLeod family's goal of providing fresh, quality produce and farm products at a reasonable price.