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  • "Hi Macs Pride, I salute you and your staff for such an excellent batch of peaches. I consider myself a peach lover and have tasted different kinds of peaches for approx.. 43 years. some dry, some with no flavor and some that taste like dirt. I purchased some of your Macs Pride #4403 (six pac) at Mr. Special in Moca Puerto Rico and to my surprise the flavor was excellent. The last time I ate a peach like this one was about 30 years ago in Manhattan New York City where I was born and lived till the age of 16. I shared three peaches with my wife in which she loved the tasted. Definitely this six pac transported me back in time to the moment in which I ate that good peach in N.Y.C. so please tell your farmers that their efforts are noticed in a small island far away from South Carolina. The island of Puerto Rico. Thank you for such a good product. It's been a long time." .... Giovanni Cortes — Moca, Puerto Rico
  • "The peaches are absolutely wonderful for all purposes — morning treat, on vanilla ice cream, in cobbler, etc.. Thanks a million." .... F.Daily — Milwaukee, WI
  • "The lady who took our phone order — the pickers who get the peaches and pack them — to the God who shines the great light of beauteous growth. We love you, South Carolina. The peaches were the best we've ever eaten" .... T.Grobe — Meriden, NH
  • "My family and I really enjoyed your peaches. I should have ordered more. We are waiting for my next order." .... M. Mitchell — Akron, OH
  • "Picture perfect peaches and soooo delicious!" .... J. Carrigan — New Bern, NC
  • "Great fruit—It tops anything I get from the grocery store or local fruit stand." .... W. Thrailkill — Cornelius, NC
  • "What a fabulous treat! This is the best gift we've ever received form houseguests—Thank you!" .... M. Kelly — Cape Elizabeth, M
  • "My peaches arrived in first class condition. Thank you for providing such a wonderful gift." .... J. Thompson — Greensboro, NC
  • "Peaches were in excellent condition. The recipes were an added nice touch and very flavorful….especially the cobbler." .... R. Harbinson — Charlotte, NC
  • "Great gift." .... B. Thaxton — Monroe, NC
  • "Best peaches we have ever eaten." .... W. Swartz — Winterpark, FL
  • "I am a native of GA & those were the best peaches I have ever eaten." .... C. Smith — Savannah, GA
  • "Peaches were carefully packed and in great shape. We were happy to share our ‘bounty' with a few happy and appreciative friends! Peaches are delicious!! Thank you." .... B. Laco — Okatie, SC