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image description Scenes from McLeod Farms

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PeeDee Magazine Features McLeod Farms - May / June 2005 Volume XVIII, No. 3

Posted on 1st May 2005 @ 9:00 AM

 "Life's A Peach - For The McBee McLeods"


  • Featured Article Reprint
    Life's a Peach for the McBee McLeods, who have been farming in that area for four generations. Peach season is upon them, but "Mac's Pride" is synonymous with strawberries and numerous vegetables too.
  • Cooking Article Reprint
    It's summertime, and our recipes, compliments of McLeod Farms in McBee, are Just Peachy. Whether you serve 'em hot in a cobbler or cold in a frozen cheesecake, peaches - the South's queen of fruit - are sure to please.